Apr 152013

Quality CollisionGetting your vehicle repaired after it has been involved in an accident is critial. In many cases the vehicle can’t even be driven until the necessary repairs have been completed. Yet many people are wary about this type of service because you don’t really know the quality of the work you are getting. If you need to get your vehicle repaired it is important to do some checking before you take your vehicle anywhere. Unless you decide to just bring it here and let us take care of the details.

Some insurance companies require you to get several estimates. Or the insurance company may try to direct you to just one shop. Most body shops will give you an estimate free of charge. This should always include an itemized list of the necessary parts and repairs and the cost.  Make sure you ask about the length of time it will take for them to complete the work as well.

Proper investigation to make sure you are getting what you need can be complex. We invite you to see our Body Shop Staff to cut through this and get a complete answer the first time. Quations about the quality of the repair, the quality of the parts and the time it will take to finish can be answered quickly and completely by out staff.

Stil not sure? If you have another shop in mind, you can check online with the Better Business Bureau to find out if the repair shop has any complaints filed against them.

We offer a complete warranty on our repairs and you want to make sure any other shop does the same. Good quality repair shops will stand behind their work. You want to choose a shop that has a policy in place that they will guarantee the work for a specific amount of time. Even if the cost of the initial repairs were covered by an insurance company you don’t want to deal with poor quality work on your vehicle.

Ask your friends, family, and co-workers for recommendations on a good body shop. You will hear about us! Chances are some of them have had us do a vehicle repair or collision service at some point. 

You really can’t avoid having to go to a paint and body shop if the need arises. But, you can make sure  you are getting quality service at an affordable price. You can rely on us! At Quality Collision Center we will take care of so many problems you don’t have tiome to worry about. Stop by and see whey we are the best collision repair facility for your Buick, GMC, Pontiac, Mazda, or any other truck or auto make. 

Quality Collision
815 Tennessee St NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
(1 block north of Lomas)
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