May 242011

GAS and MONEYGas prices are heading for all time highs. And most of us can’t afford  it. This article will help you decrease your visits to the pump and at the same time help the environment. Three basic approaches that you can take are working with the car you have, buying a different vehicle, and using somebody else’s vehicle.

 Here are a few tips:

• Use a sunshade. A cooler car needs less air  conditioning.
• Park in the shade when it’s warm.
• Clear your car of junk. Extra weight uses extra gas.
• Don’t use premium fuels unless your car really requires them.
• Don’t top off your tank. The excess is lost and can damage components.
• In winter, garage your car or use a block heater to pre-warm your engine.
• Try to avoid rush hour.
• Get an update before you leave to avoid sitting in traffic:
• Don’t pump the gas pedal before starting your car.
• Make sure that your parking brake is completely released.
• Don’t floor it.….ever
• Brake slowly wherever possible.
• Don’t ride the brakes.
• Keep your tires properly inflated. Check them every 2 weeks.

Regular maintenance of your car is another major area where you can save a lot of money on gas. Following the recommended maintenance schedule for your car will increase your average MPG. If you don’t have a manual or know what the maintenance intervals should be, come and see us for some guidance. We have specific and general menus to help guide you in this area. Here are a few of the tips you should be awaare of: • Rotate your tires on a regular basis
• Replace worn tires.
• Get regular tune-ups.
• Get regular oil changes according to your owner’s manual.
• Check your air and fuel filters often – at least every oil service.
• Make sure your gas cap fits tightly.
• Keep your transmission fluid at the proper level.
• See us right away if you see that smoke is coming from your tailpipe.
• Keep all fluids topped up
• Ensure that your cooling system thermostat is working properly.
• Fix your transmission immediately
• Get emissions tests once a year
• Make sure that your exhaust system is clean and working properly
• Keep your muffler up to par

All of the tips mentioned above will really save you gas and that means money. As you can see saving money on gas is not as hard as you may think it is. With the constantly rising price at the pump, it’s important to save every drop of gas that you can.

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